There are many different types of supportive straps we can use for sports, injury recovery, and gym activities. A popular product is the wrist strap. Wrist straps are available in many different designs and styles. They can be used for weightlifting, general wrist support, and for injury recovery.

In this guide, we have selected 5 of the best wrist straps. This includes sports tape, lifting straps, and specialist straps for boxing. After reading this guide, you should have a clear idea of the different types of straps available, and how they can be beneficial.

1. Gymshark Wrist Straps (Best for Weightlifting)

wrist straps
Gymshark Wrist Straps

Using wrist straps for weightlifting can provide fantastic support and enhance your grip. Many professionals use wrist straps for training, weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding.

The Gymshark wrist straps provide superb support due to the high-stretch woven material. We also like the elasticated thumbholes, and the velcro fastening. The velcro fastening means you can easily adjust the strap to fit the size of your wrists comfortably.

The Gymshark wrist straps are one size, and you get a pair in a single pack. They are made from 54% polyester, and 46% latex. For convenience, you also get an included carry bag.

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2. KT Tape Original Cotton Sports Tape (Best Sports Tape)

Sports tape is a type of wrist strap that is used by athletes in many different disciplines. If you suffer from sore muscles and joints, sports tape for your wrists helps greatly. It can provide pain relief and help support your wrists during injury recovery, or while actively playing sports.

The KT Tape is available in 8 different colours. Each roll includes 20 pre-cut strips for ease-of-use. Each strip is also 2-inches wide. The KT Tape has incredibly strong adhesive, but also offers excellent support and flexibility. You can wear the tape and still enjoy full movement in your wrists.

Due to the longer-lasting material, you can expect to use a strip of KT Tape for up to three days. 

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3. Everlast 180-Inch Handwrap (Best Straps for Boxing)

If you train in combat sports, you need a great pair of handwraps/wrist straps. For sports like boxing and MMA, wrist straps are vital. They help secure your joints, muscles, and bones and prevent injury. Also, they help distribute the impact from contact and prevent too much pressure being applied to a single point of your wrists and hands.

The Everlast 180-Inch handwrap is a simple but effective product. It has a simple hook and loop fastening mechanism and secure thumb loop. It is a one-size-fits-all design and is available in three different colours.

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4. Adidas Wrist Wraps (Best for Workout Support)

If you want wrist straps to support your workouts, the Adidas Wrist Wraps are a good choice. These straps provide more support than most weightlifting products. The actual wrap covers all of your wrist and some of your forearm too. This offers maximum support and the padded material means great comfort.

At the top, each wrap has a loop that secures around your thumb and can also loop around weights and barbells. The wraps are elasticated, and they have an adjustable vit that uses velcro. You can easily adjust them to fit the thickness of your wrists and hands, while still achieving a secure fit.

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5. Gymreapers Wrist Straps

Another excellent pair of wrist straps are from Gymreapers. Gymreapers has a great range of straps and accessories for workouts and weightlifting. The Gymreapers wrist straps look great and are available in 9 different colours.

Made from neoprene and cotton, these wrist straps are comfortable and should not dig into your skin. They use a simple loop mechanism so that you can fasten them around your wrists and weight lifting equipment. When using the straps, they should help support your wrists and enable you to lift heavier weights without compromising your grip.

The straps are 18-inches long and can be adjusted – this makes them a one-size-fits-all design.

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What are Wrist Straps?

Wrist straps are pieces of material that loop around your wrists. They are most commonly used in lifting exercises to improve your gripping function. This is because wrist straps loop around your wrist, but also the object you want to lift, like a barbell.

Wrist straps are typically made from strong, durable material that also has a degree of elasticity. This ensures that the strap does not cut into your skin or cut your circulation, but is still strong enough to take the weight of the object you are lifting.

There are also compression wrist straps, and general wrist straps that are used for injury recoveries, and to help support if you have particularly weak wrists.

Why use Wrist Straps?

Wrist straps are used in various situations.

Firstly, they can be used to provide compression and support. If you have suffered a wrist injury, a strap can aid the healing process and allow you to rebuild the strength in your wrist in a safe manner. This type of wrist strap is different from lifting wrist straps and is intended for recovery and rehabilitation.

Secondly, wrist straps are popular for weightlifters, powerlifters, and gym-goers. Using a wrist strap to lift weights helps build strength and push past the limitations of your grip. 

Oftentimes our actual strength is limited by our grip. As a result, a wrist strap can help overcome this and continue to increase your strength and lifting capabilities, where your grip would typically fail. Lifting wrist straps can also help improve safety as there is less chance that you can suddenly drop a barbell and cause injury.

Thirdly, wrist straps / hand wraps are important for fighting sports like boxing. Boxers typically wear wrist straps underneath their gloves. The straps / wraps help secure your joints and moveable bones. Also, they help distribute the shock and impact when connecting with punches.

Wrist Straps FAQ

Do wrist straps help with wrist pain?

Yes, they provide compression, support, and stabilisation for your wrists when lifting any object and thus can help reduce wrist pain.

What is the difference between wrist wraps and wrist straps?

Wrist straps help improve gripping ability whereas wrist wraps provide stabilization when your wrist joint is under pressure.

Should you wear a wrist strap all day?

Not really. Ideally, you should only use a wrist strap when putting your wrist under strain i.e. lifting objects or during training sessions and sports.