If you’re going to start a workout regimen in the gym, you may be considering getting weightlifting gloves. This is a standard choice among newer lifters, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, as you are doing so, you want to ensure that you are choosing the best possible option.

Below is a collection of five of the best weightlifting gloves available, which should help to make your decision quite easy. Just in case it’s not enough though, there are even more insights included thereafter, including a guide area telling you exactly what you should be thinking about as you look to procure that new pair of gloves.

What Are Weightlifting Gloves?

Understanding what weightlifting gloves are is probably a good place to start. These are gloves that you may wear while going through your training routine. Ideally, they’re meant to help you grip the weights adequately, particularly to avoid the danger of any slipping or falling, which can be a recipe for a potential injury.

If you’re doing strength training, there are going to be a lot of forces either moving weights toward or away from you. While carrying out this kind of training is admirable and a great way to ensure that you stay in the shape you want, fatigue and other factors can make things a bit difficult for you in the absence of gloves.

Bear Grip Ventilated Workout Gloves

This is certainly not your standard weightlifting glove, especially if you’re used to seeing other types. However, some people simply want more ventilation and breathability, instead of locking their hands inside typical designs. These gloves employ padded silicone grips, which are meant to help you avoid having to deal with blisters while ensuring that you maintain the kind of grip you want as you are completing resistance training.




List Price: £12

Beace Weightlifting Gym Gloves

The Beace weightlifting gloves are next, and they are more akin to the standard designs that most people are used to. The durability here is one of the most outstanding elements, and even with its style, it manages to be breathable and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. There is also the right combination of comfort and firmness present in the composition.




List Price: £33.88 – £70.14

iHuan Ventilated Weightlifting Gloves with Wrist Wrap

Like the previous option covered, this is another open-fingered model. It happens to also be very lightweight and provides a tremendous sense of breathability. There is an anti-slip silicone gel pattern built into the palm, which is intended to enhance your grip. Doing so aims to secure your getting the best possible workout in every session.




List Price: £56.66 – £60.66

RDX Women Weightlifting Gloves

Not all weightlifting gym gloves are unisex, and this design by RDX is the perfect example to illustrate that. Lycra fabric is used here, and it’s intended to ensure that your hands stay comfortable and intact. The design is an efficient one, as it manages to be incredibly affordable. The biggest claim to fame is its special ventilator mesh that keeps your hands cool while allowing your fingers to bend naturally.




List Price: £6.99

Bionic Men’s Premium Full Finger Weightlifting Gloves

Now, it’s time to head to the men’s side of things with this Bionic design. Not everyone is a fan of full-fingered gym gloves, but this happens to be one of them. Such a composition is known for the grip it provides, which is great for intense weightlifting or CrossFit sessions. Additionally, carefully placed relief pads are included in the design, allowing your hands to remain as protected as possible.




List Price: £25

Why Use Weightlifting Gloves?

Many new lifters get gloves because others do it, so there’s never a full understanding of why they are important. First, you want to prevent callus development. This comes with the weightlifting territory, but if your gloves can prevent friction, then you are not going to have to deal with this. Note that not all gloves provide friction protection.

Grip is another good reason to get gloves, as they help to compensate for what you may not have, which is especially true if your palms sweat. 

You also get wrist stability and support out of glove use. These are essential to help you prevent dealing with any kinds of injuries. Additionally, pressure relief is a part of what weightlifting gloves do.

Types of Weightlifting Gloves


Full-fingered gym gloves are not the most common, but there is a subset of people who prefer them. Typically, those who are the newest in the world of weight training are the targets for these items. Note, however, that some of these designs are more rugged than their half-fingered counterparts, which makes them more adept and suited for heavy-duty use.

If you are looking for gloves for outdoor training, you are also going to find that full-fingered builds work best for you, especially considering you need that additional grip.


You’re going to find that most gym gloves fall under this category, and this is the design type you are probably used to seeing. These gloves are cut off at the knuckle, and the intention is to provide better dexterity and breathability, whether you’re using a barbell or any other kind of weight.


Some people are just not fans of the typical enclosed designs, and they desire something that’s on the more ventilated side of the spectrum. That’s where this category comes in, and it includes wrist wraps or hand grips. 

These don’t end clothes their hand at all, allowing most or all of it to be free. Hand grips offer a palm protection area, and they loop around your fingers. Wrist wraps are heavily sought after for pushing movements that could cause a strain. Many gym glove designs include wrist wraps as a part of their base.

How to Choose Weightlifting Gloves – Buyer’s Guide

Typically, weightlifting gloves represent a long-term investment, which means that you want to get them right on the first purchase. Start with ensuring that you are selecting the right size. There’s a snug feel that you get when you’ve done so correctly, as tight or loose gloves feel uncomfortable almost immediately.

Next, pay attention to the material. Some offer more padding and breathability than others do. The latter is especially important to those who may sweat a lot from the palms naturally. Price goes without saying as you need to buy what is within your budget. Finally, look over the types of weightlifting gloves covered and ensure you choose one that aligns with the purpose you have in mind and one that is comfortable for you.

Weightlifting Gloves FAQs

Do I Need Weightlifting Gloves?

Weightlifting gloves have always been a matter of personal preference. While they do offer some benefits, you tend to find that newer lifters are the ones using them. Some people prefer just using wrist straps, while others go completely barehanded.

You may even find your stance changing as you work out more. The bottom line is you don’t have to use weightlifting gloves if you don’t want to.

Why Would I Want Lifting Straps if I Can Have Weightlifting Gloves?

You could take technically get the best of both worlds by getting weightlifting gloves that include a wrist wrapping element. However, if you want to choose the forego gloves entirely, then that is also perfectly fine. Gloves can be very habit-forming and impede your grip development, so wearing only wrist straps is not a bad thing.

Can Gloves Make Deadlifts Harder?

Depending on the gloves you wear, the bar may end up feeling wider. Of course, if you were barehanded, this would not be the case. A big part of deadlifting is being able to grip the bar well

How Tight Should My Weightlifting Gloves Be?

You want your gloves to be snug without being tight.