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Wrist Strap - Pair

Comes as a pair.

Wrist Strap - Reduces Wrist Movement To Prevent Injury

  • Ultimate Support and Protection - 360 degree compression
  • Extreme comfort - Soft elasticated material, doesn't rub
  • Perfect for Weightlifting - Achieve new goals with confidence 
  • Easy to put on and take off - Super stretchy, simple to adjust 

Protect your wrists from sprains when weightlifting or bench pressing. Support weak ligaments that could "give way" when lifting weight. Gives you confidence when heavy lifting. 

Need something to stabilise your wrist? Check out this wrist brace

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  • The PHYSIFLEX Wrist Straps are designed with sport and weightlifting in mind, so you'll have full movement and maximum protection whether you're using the bench press, lifting weights or performing body weight exercises. Wrap your wrists with these straps and you'll instantly feel the reassurance and confidence the straps will give you.
  • Wash by hand. Leave to dry on a flat surface. Made from Elastane, Nylon, Cotton
  • Fits Right or Left wrist. One Size Fits All Wrists. The Wrist Support Strap is shorter than the Elbow and Knee Straps.

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