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Resistance Tubes Set - 11 Pack

The Perfect Kit For Building Serious Muscle 

  • 11 Pieces Includes Door Anchor, Handles, Straps and Tubes
  • Full Body Workouts Work your shoulders, back, legs, arms & more
  • 5 Resistance Tube Strengths  
  • Up to 43.5 kg of resistance

The resistance tubes can be used to perform over 150 different exercises targeting all muscle groups. 

Bicep Curls, Tricep Pull Downs, Chest Flys, Deltoid Flys, Shoulder Raises, Bent Over Rows, Leg Curls, Chest Workout, Squats & Many More 

Seamlessly integrate the bands into your current workout routines, whether that's cross fit, flexibility exercises or strength training. 

This resistance tubes set comes with high strength metal hooks making it safe and stable with excellent load-bearing capacity.

You'll find the soft, high quality foam handles are extremely comfortable to use and easy to clean.

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  • 11 Piece Set Includes: 2x Foot Straps 2x Handles 1x Door Anchor 1x Carry Bag 5x Resistance Tubes. Build Muscle & Strength. Work Every Muscle Group. Over 150 Different Exercises At Home. Easier To Store and Carry than Heavy Dumbbells 
  • Store out of direct sunlight. Easily clean by hand. Leave to dry on a flat surface. 
  • The PHYSIFLEX Resistance Tubes Set comes with 5 different strength tubes in the following sizes:


    10 LB / 4.5 kg


    15 LB / 6 kg


    20 LB / 9 kg


    25 LB / 11 kg


    30 LB / 13 kg

    Combine the Resistance Tubes for up to 43.5 kg of pressure! 

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