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Resistance Bands for Squats

Want Results You'll Be Amazed At? 

  • Work Your Legs, Glutes, Abs and Core 
  • Straps To Your Waist And Feet 
  • 20lb / 9kg Resistance 
  • Best For Squats, Bicycle Kicks, Lunges, Stretches

Build Your Glutes, Legs, Abs & More

Target all major muscle groups in your legs, as well as your glutes and back.

You'll be able to perform dozens of different exercises at home or in the gym, including; Squats, Lunges, Bicycle Crunchs, Leg Raises, Scissor Kicks, Leg Extensions, 

Jumping Jacks, Straight Leg Kicks, Hip Abductions, Spiderman Planks & more.

Add extra resistance to your HIIT workouts, yoga, pilates or stretching exercises. 

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  • Simply strap the belt around your waist, insert your feet and you're ready to workout with resistance. No need to hold the resistance bands, which means you can use your hands freely as part of your workout. 
  • Store out of direct sunlight. Easily clean by hand. Leave to dry on a flat surface. Composition: Latex Tubes, Nylon, Cotton.  
  • Feet bands and waist strap are easily adjustable. Waist Strap fits sizes up to 42" Resistance Tubes Strength 20lb (9kg) 

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