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Resistance Bands With Handles - 5 Pack

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Improve Your Home Workouts With A Choice Of 5 Different Strengths 

  • 5 Different Sizes7 - 16kg 
  • Full Body WorkoutsWork your shoulders, back, legs, arms & more
  • Soft Foam Handles Super comfortable for long workouts 
  • Anti-Snap Mechanism Strong fabric resistance band covering 

This resistance band with handles gives you a huge choice of exercises for your home workout, including stretching, strength, rehab and training exercises.

It is a popular choice for physiotherapists and personal trainers when working on strength and conditioning. 

The resistance band is covered by a super strong fabric material to prevent the band snapping, making them extremely safe and versatile.

The resistance band handles are covered in a soft, comfy foam making them easy to use for long periods and intense exercise.  

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  • You'll find the PHYSIFLEX resistance bands with handles is great for strength training at home and also lightweight for carrying in a bag and using at the gym. You can also use the resistance bands for general stretching, toning and training exercises for your arms, abs, shoulders, legs and back.
  • Easily wash by hand. Leave to dry on a flat surface. 
  • The PHYSIFLEX Resistance Band with Handles 5 Pack includes the following sizes:

    Yellow 15lB / 7kg
    Red 20lB / 9kg
    Blue 25lB / 11kg
    Black 35lB / 16kg

    Each resistance band is 1.2 meters in length 

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