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Heavy Duty Resistance Band

Heavy Duty Resistance Band - The biggest you'll find!

Resistance: 85-230 LB / 38 kg-104 kg

Size: 208cm Long x 8.3cm Wide x 0.45cm Thick 

Enhance Your Exercises With This Heavy Duty Resistance Band

  • 38 - 104 kg resistance.
  • Perfect for Pull Ups, Press Ups, Dips and Squats.
  • Super Strong Tough latex material is safe and durable.
  • Full Body Workouts Work your shoulders, back, legs, arms & more

You can add theis gym resistance band to your existing workout routine to give you extra resistance to build more strength or assist you with exercises such as pull ups. 

Perfect for adding resistance to squats, pull ups, power lifting, push ups, barbell assist and stretch power lifting or use as part of your daily workout.

PHYSIFLEX resistance bands are a popular choice for physiotherapists and personal trainers when building strength as they give you a huge choice of exercises for your workouts. 

The resistance band is a perfect choice for experienced weightlifters or beginners. 

Store out of direct sunlight. Easily wash or wipe clean by hand. 

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