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Grip Strength Trainer 5 Pack

Build Grip Strength - Get Stronger Hands, Wrists, Forearms and Finger

Prevent Injury - Regain Lost Strength And Movement Post-Injury 

Perfect For Sports Training - Climbing, Golf, Racket Sports or Musicians 

    The forearm strength trainer handle is adjustable, so you can gradually increase the resistance as you recover to experience active rehabilitation with long-term health benefits.

    Strengthen, relieve stress, maintain circulation levels and combat work-related repetitive strain injuries- whether at home, in the office or in the car, this convenient strength pack will keep your fingers and hands active and strong.

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    • Set includes: Squeeze ring, stress ball egg, grip trainer, draw string carry bag, adjustable forearm handle, finger strengthener  
    • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or wipe  
    • One Size fits all hand sizes - suitable for large and small hands 
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