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Ankle Support Straps

Wrap Your Ankles With These Straps To Prevent Sprains 

  • Protect your ankles from sprains 
  • Support weak ankle ligaments that could "give way" when exercising
  • Relieve pain and swelling from previous injuries
  • Give you confidence when lifting in the gym or running

Sprained Ankle Wraps

The PHYSIFLEX Ankle Straps are designed to fit comfortably when worn with shoes. 

If you're looking for ankle support for running, the gym or lifting, wrap your ankles with these straps to help prevent sprains and injury. 

Get the Support you need to lift heavy weights and achieve new fitness goals, safely.

The PHYSIFLEX Knee Straps are designed with squatting and lifting in mind, so you'll have full movement and maximum protection. 

Wrap your knees with these straps and you'll instantly feel the reassurance and confidence the straps will give you.

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