Knee Support


This Buying Guide Will Help You Choose Which Of The Top 5 Products Is Best For Your Condition.

5 Best Knee Supports

Donjoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace

donjoy hinged knee brace

Summary: This premium hinged knee brace is a sleeve style support. Provides compression, support and stabilisation for knee sprains, meniscus injuries, arthritic pain and mild ligament damage.

Use: Best for arthritis, post-operative rehab and spots injuries.

Design: The Donjoy brace has two aluminum hinges either side, which act as an ‘unloader’ feature to help with weight balance.

Sizing: 7 sizes. XS – XXXL

Price: £71.95

Nike Pro Open Knee Sleeves

nike knee support sleeve

Summary: The Nike Pro open knee sleeve is easy to put on, flexible and soft. It holds well when you’re running, making it a great option for sports use.

Use: Best for running and sports activities.

Design: Made from Polyester & Elastane. Machine washable.

Sizing: Comes in 4 sizes. S, M, L, XL

Price: £20

Bulk™ Premium Knee Sleeves

bulk knee sleeves

Summary: The Bulk™ Premium Knee Sleeves are best for powerlifting. A strong and durable pair, they support your knees with all movements.

Use: Use for squats, lunges, leg press, powerlifting.

Design: Made from soft neoprene material.

Sizing: 4 sizes available. 30cm in length.

Price: £18.19 Pair

NEO-G Open Knee Support

This Open Knee Support from Neo-G provides a high level of support and adjustable fit without restricting too much movement. The open design helps with patellar tracking when walking or bending whilst providing overall stability by reducing glide and twisting motion. This knee support is designed to help with symptoms following a meniscus injury or arthritic discomfort.

Summary: A comfortable knee support for sprains, instability from injury and supporting patellar tracking

Use: Can be used for sport or occupational use

Design: Open design provides added support to the patella whilst the soft neoprene material warms the area, promoting circulation. Compatible with hot & cold treatment discs.

Sizing: Universal & adjustable sizing, (one size fits alls). Comes with Velcro straps to adjust the fit. Fits up to 56cm (22 inches)

Price: £20


Summary: A comfortable knee support for sprains, instability from injury and supporting patellar tracking

Use: Best for walking, cycling or sports support for those with conditions such as; meniscopathy, instability, arthritis or post-operative use.

Design: Knee support sleeve with an integrated knee ring pad. Made from Neoprene, Polyamide, Elastane, Polyester

Sizing: 7 different sizes, 5 different comfort sizes

Price: £61.50

Knee Support Buying Guide

Whether you have a new sports injury or a long-term condition, here’s your ultimate buying guide to find the perfect support.

What is a Knee Support?

A knee support is a band of flexible material that fits around your knee. It is typically made from a combination of foam, plastic, straps, and elastic materials depending on the design and manufacturer. This support provides compression on your knee and the surrounding joints.

Knee supports are used to help prevent injuries, provide pain relief, and help during rehabilitation from knee-related injuries.

What are the Different Types of Support?

Knee Support Sleeve

The support sleeve or knee compression sleeve is the most common type of support. This is typically a tight band of flexible material that covers your knee and a good portion of your thigh and lower leg – above and below the knee joint. 

A compression sleeve has no connection and simply slides over your knee by pulling it over your foot and up your leg.

knee support sleeve
Knee support sleeve

Strap-Style Braces

Strap-style braces are excellent if you need extra compression on your knee. These are still essentially sleeves and you pull them over your knee by sliding them over and up your leg.

However, they typically have two or more straps – one above your knee, and one below. These are usually secured via a velcro mechanism and can be loosened/tightened as needed to provide extra or less compression.

Wraparound Braces

Wraparound braces can provide even more support and compression than standard strap or sleeve supports.

This type of knee brace uses the standard sleeve design but has the addition of a long material chord. This chord is wrapped around your knee and secured using velcro or a buckle. The cord can be tightened or loosened to give more compression.

Hinged Knee Brace

An unloader brace uses a completely different design to conventional sleeve supports. It typically uses a series of straps and pads that can be adjusted in a number of ways to support your knee as required.

hinged knee brace
Hinged knee brace

Open Patellar Braces

All of the above types of supports can have an open patellar variant. An open patellar knee support has a small circular hole on the patellar area of the knee. This allows for some pressure relief, but also helps provide extra support for your kneecap.

open patellar knee support
Open patellar knee brace

Knee Support FAQs

What is the best knee support?

This depends on several factors. Firstly, it depends on the severity and type of injury if you need a support for rehabilitation. Secondly, it depends on the sport you are playing if you are using a support to help reduce the chance of injuries.

Do knee supports help knee pain?

Yes, it can help relieve pain in several ways. This includes reducing pressure on the joints, supporting the mobility of the joints, and helping to reduce irritation and swelling – both of which can contribute to knee pain.

Is wearing a knee brace good?

A knee brace offers many benefits. Firstly, it provides stability and support which help greatly during rehab and to build your confidence. Secondly, wearing a knee brace can also work as a preventative measure by providing extra padding and support to avoid sports-related injuries.

When should I wear a knee support?

There are many instances where you should wear a knee support. A support is often worn after knee surgery to support the healing process. It should also be worn if you are experiencing knee pains. In addition, a support can be worn while playing sports to help reduce the chance of injury.

What is the difference between a knee brace and a knee support?

There is no difference really. A knee support is the general term used for this item. There are several different types of knee support such as a knee brace, knee sleeve, wraparound brace, and unloader brace.

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