Running is one of the best things you can do for your life since it improves cardiovascular health, improves muscular strength, and reduces stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins.  

However, it’s essential to wear the correct running equipment to keep any physical problems from happening while running. Knee support for running is also good for recovering from injuries, so it’s the perfect investment for runners. Dive into this page to know how to choose knee support for running!

What Is A Knee Support For Running?

Knee support for running includes knee braces and knee sleeves, and they are meant to manage your knees’ discomfort while running and reduce pain. You can also wear knee support to protect your knees from falls and anything that could cause damage to it. 

Apart from solving those issues, wearing knee braces also improves the way you can run and how tired you get after doing it. Athletes playing fast-paced and high-contact sports often wear knee support equipment to prevent injuries from happening. These products also make rehabilitation from injuries easier for people. 

Here are the best knee support for running products you can find on the market: 

Cambivo Knee Compression Sleeve 

Cambivo Knee Compression Sleeves are made of nylon, latex, and spandex, and that gives you compression balance and support at all times. 

Price: £15.22

Features: These sleeves manage knee pain by applying pressure to your knees. This product also has anti-slip silicone waves.



Physix Gear Compression Knee Sleeve 

What makes the Physix Gear Compression Knee Sleeve different from others is its four-way stretch fabric that makes the sleeves support your knees without slipping or twisting. 

Price: £12.01

Features: The features of this product are its anti-slip silicone, four-way fabric, and breathable knee brace.



Bracoo KSI0 Adjustable Knee Compression Brace 

The Bracoo KSI0 Adjustable Knee Compression Brace’s open patella design helps it relieve pressure like not many knees support braces can. This item’s in-built reinforced stabiliser makes it distribute your knees’ stress across your body. 

Price: £14.00

Features: Open-patella design, stabiliser ring, adjustable straps.



Neo-G Knee Support

Many doctors recommend the Neo-G Knee Support since it’s medically engineered to ease pain and prevent you from getting injured. 

Price: £15.99

Features: Heat therapeutic neoprene, open-patella design, class-1 medical device. 



Kgone Knee Support 

People looking for budget-friendly options should go for the Kgone Knee Support. Breathability and compression are this product’s greatest strengths. 

Price: £7.99

Features:  You can find non-slip knee support and 3D circular technologies among this knee support’s functions. 



Why Use A Knee Support For Running?

People are often hesitant to start wearing knee support equipment regardless of whether they are braces or sleeves because they see it as a nuisance, but doing so can save you a lot of pain in the future. 

Knee support stabilises your knees and makes sure they are always in their place, and that makes it difficult for you to get injured while doing anything even if you fall to the ground or something of the sort. Therefore, injury prevention it’s one of its main uses. 

Wearing these braces or sleeves becomes more important if you had a knee injury in the past or are recovering from one. The reason for that is knee support equipment reduces knee pain and supports your knees even if you are suffering from significant knee damage. 

Apart from wearing knee braces for rehabilitation and pain reduction purposes, you can also wear them if you engage in fast-paced and high-contact physical activity often since it’s not difficult to get injured while playing certain games or sports. 

Nonetheless, you can also ask a doctor if they think you should wear knee support.

Types of Knee Support For Running

When speaking about knee support for running, you can either go for knee braces or knee sleeves. Whereas some people think they are the same, they offer you different things, so picking the wrong one can make you miss some of their benefits. The main difference between them is the areas they support and protect the most. 

Knee braces, for example, are excellent for protecting your anterior knee and patella. Braces are better when it comes to knee support and rehabilitation purposes, so you can use them if you’ve been through knee surgery in the past or need to take physical rehabilitation. 

Getting to knee sleeves, they are better for pain reduction, and people often buy them when they are suffering from mild or moderate knee pain. Apart from that, knee sleeves are perfect for stabilising your knees while engaging in physical activities, so they are ideal for high-contact sports.

How to Choose Knee Support For Running

As we mentioned before, choosing the right product to protect your knees 

makes the difference between suffering from knee pain or preventing it from happening. Thus, you need to take some things into account before buying the first knee support product you see online or at a local store. 

The first thing you need to think about before looking for knee support is whether you need a support sleeve or a support brace. You can ask a doctor if you feel more comfortable doing it, but it’s enough as you understand what you read in this article. 

After deciding on what specific type of knee support to get, it’s time to look for the one for you. Try looking for products from popular brands since that assures you an item that is durable and effective. All the knee support products on this page are of excellent quality, so you could go for them with no problem. 

Comfort is essential when wearing knee support equipment, but it’s difficult to try braces or sleeves if you are buying them online. Therefore, we recommend you read as many reviews of the product you are going to buy as you can to make sure they are what they claim to be. 

After checking the product’s features and comfort, look at the price tags. Some knee support braces and sleeves are expensive, but that doesn’t mean all of them are, so make sure to look for a product that fits your budget. 


Is Knee Support Only for Running?

Not at all! You can wear knee support for running or playing sports and even working out since the purpose of knee braces and sleeves is to protect your knees at all times regardless of the physical activity you are engaging in. 

Keep in mind that knee support equipment is there to protect you from knee injuries in the future and reduce knee pain, so you can wear knee support even when you want to walk around with people. 

Can I Wear Knee Support While Sleeping?

Wearing knee support for running while sleeping is not necessary if you are not suffering from severe knee pain since there’s nothing to protect your knees from. However, if you are suffering from that pain, we recommend you wear it at least until the pain goes away. 

The people who wear knee support while sleeping often do it because the pain is so severe it doesn’t let the person sleep or do any other things apart from lying there, so it’s at least easy to identify when someone could need to wear knee support when sleeping. 

Should I Wear Knee Support Every Day? 

Wearing knee support for running more than you should can damage your knees instead of healing them, so only do so if your Physiotherapist or Health Professional tells you to. 

One of the most common mistakes people make when suffering from any kind of pain is self-diagnosing themselves, and wearing knee support without knowing if it’s good for your situation is self-diagnosing yourself. 

Conclusion – How To Choose A Knee Support For Running

People who have never had knee injuries may not understand the importance of knee support for running, but wearing it can help you more than one would think if you ever get injured. The way these braces and sleeves reduce pain while letting you do several physical activities is amazing for injured people. 

Nevertheless, remember what we said about the danger of incorrectly wearing knee support braces or sleeves since it could significantly worsen your situation if that were to happen. Try only wearing knee support equipment if you know you need it or if you can take advantage of it in any way.