In this guide, we have selected the 10 best insoles available for various conditions and different sports use.

Scholl insoles
Scholl Insoles

What are Insoles?

Insoles are versatile items that help those who suffer from feet problems. You can use insoles for various purposes including while playing sports, for arch support, for flat feet, and for bunion relief. They are essentially pieces of material that fit inside your footwear to provide extra support and padding for your feet. 

1. Scholl Gel Everyday Insoles

If you want a general insole that can be used for numerous purposes, the Scholl Gel Everyday Insole is a top pick. These insoles have numerous features including Scholl’s patented Gel Active technology.

You can expect superior shock absorption which in turn reduces pressure on your feet. The material is also durable and flexible and you can comfortably wear the insoles all day. If you find the insoles don’t fit perfectly, the material is thin enough to cut with scissors without compromising performance.

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2. Boots Bunion Relief Pads

Bunions can be incredibly painful and cause issues for walking. Instead of a complete insole, you can get speicalized bunion insoles like the Boots Bunion Relief Pads. These are smaller pads that are placed on the pain point of the bunion – typically on the outer joint of your big toe.

The pads are hypoallergenic and thus shouldn’t cause irritation. They are also made from medical-grade chiropody felt for superior pain and pressure relief. Each pack is relatively inexpensive and contains four relief pads.

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3. Scholl Gel Sport Insoles

If you play sports regularly and feel a strain on your feet, the Scholl Gel Sport Insoles could be a good choice. The GELACTIVE technology and superior cushioning mean that your feet are protected from intense sporting activities like running and forceful impacts on your feet.

The material can be cut if necessary, although they have a one-size-fits all design. For example, the men’s gel sport insoles are suitable for UK sizes 7-12. There is also a woman’s size available too.

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4. Profoot Arch Support

The Profoot Arch Support is an insole designed to provide support for your arches and achilles. Infact, these insoles are useful if you suffer from achilles pains, or are recovering from an achilles injury. They will also provide the support needed if your arches are weakened.

The insoles are easy to insert and can be comfortably used all day. The moulded support design also means that they provide front-to-back and side-to-side arch support.

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5. Scholl Shock Absorbing Insoles Comfort Plus

The School Shock Absorbing Insoles are great for those who walk regularly. They are primarily used to reduce the impact from walking, and help distribute the pressure evenly across your feet.

The material is non-slip and non-wrinkling which means they should fit and work comfortably all day. However, if you find the fit isn’t perfect, you can easily cut the material with scissors. The gel design is also breathable which should help reduce sweating.

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6. Boots Ball of Foot Pads

Not all insoles are full length, or cover the entirety of your feet. You can get specialized insoles that help specific areas. One such item is the Boots Ball of Foot Pads. These insoles are specifically designed to provide pain relief and pressure relief to the balls of your feet.

This is often an area that experiences more pain as it is an area the most pressure is applied. This product from boots is placed under the ball of your foot and helps redistribute the pressure. The material is also hypoallergenic which should reduce the chance of irritation and infection.

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7. Superdrug Full Length Orthotic Insole

The Superdrug Full Length Orthotic Insoles provide great medical arch support. If you have weak arches, or are recovering from an arch-related injury, these insoles could help.

They are made from durable but flexible material that still gives you full foot motion control. The arch support is also excellent and you can comfortably wear them all day. The width of these insoles mean they are better suited for walking boots, trainers, and sports footwear.

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8. Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles

If you work in a job where you are constantly on your feet, the Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles could be a good choice. These insoles provide additional absorption and pressure reduction, particularly on hard surfaces. They could help, therefore, if you are constantly standing and walking on a hard factory floor.

The insoles are available for UK sizes 8-13, and there is also a smaller women’s variant available too. Like other Scholl products, these insolves have GELACTIV technology. This provides great shock absortoion and cushioning, while still be comfortable to wear.

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9. Neo G NeoThotics ¾ Length Insoles

The Neo G Neothotics ¾ Length Insoles are specially designed to tackle heel and arch pain. The design is ergonomic, flexible, and lightweight. This means you should enjoy a comfortable fit. The material is also durable and suitable for all-day use.

To provide superior support, the insoles have a unique embedded mesh structure. The main material of the insoles is also silicone which has superior shock absorption and support. These insoles are also MHRA Class 1 and approved by the Charatered Society of Physiotherapy.

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10. Scholls Orthotics for Arch Pain

If you are suffering from arch pain, you could benefit from a dedicated arch support insole. The Scholls Orthotics for Arch Pain insole is a good choice. This is clinically proven to provide quick pain-relief and all-day arch support.

It uses special Shock Guard technology the reduces the affect of pain-inducing impacts on your arches. The ¾ length design also means that you should not need to trim the insole to fit different types of footwear. The Orthotics for Arch Pain insole is available for both men and women.

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Insoles FAQ

What are the benefits of foot insoles?

Benefits include support for your feet, ankles, and arches. Also, they can help relieve foot pain and reduce stress on joints. Insoles also help correct posture if you walk on one side of your foot, for example.

Do insoles help with foot pain?

Yes, insoles help greatly with foot, ankle, and leg pains. They provide support to your foot, joints, and muscles, and thus help reduce the pressure and strain on them.

Do arch supports or insoles weaken your feet?

There is no scientific evidence or case studies to show that wearing insoles or arch supports weakens your fee, ankles, or legs.