A hurt or strained hamstring can be painful and debilitating. These injuries can set you back from exercising, especially if you’re an athlete. More often than not, getting such injuries can continue to resurface if adequate care is not taken. Unfortunately, these injuries are unavoidable, especially when warming up before a workout.

Therefore, it’s imperative to get hamstring support that prevents and treats a range of injuries related to the following body area; sports hernia, hamstring strain, hip bursitis, and many more. Hamstring support is ideal for people who are in track and field sports.

What Is a Hamstring Support?

The hamstring is the back muscle from the back of your shin to the pelvic. Usually, it works 10 times harder than other adjourning muscles during stretching and workout exercises. When the hamstring muscle is stretched beyond its limits, straining will occur. 

Wearing hamstring support will help prevent such injuries from occurring in the first place. They compress and stabilize the muscles reducing the chances of overstretching. Moreover, when you have a hamstring strain, the support system will retain heat on the affected area, increasing the nutrient-rich blood and promoting a fast recovery process. It’s, therefore, prudent to always have hamstring support before and after working out.

5 Best Hamstring Support 

1. The Neo G Thigh & Hamstring Support 

It allows users to adjust it by tightening or loosening it for comfort and easy blood flow. The support system is ideal for any athlete that wants to have maximum leverage over pressure on the injured area.


Pros and Cons of Neo G Thigh & Hamstring Support 




The Neo G thigh and hamstring support is about £21.18.

2. Vulkan Classic Thigh Support  

This support system is suitable when you have a thigh strain. It gives the additional assistance needed to speed up the recovery process to help you get back in shape.


Pros and Cons of Vulkan Classic Thigh Support 




The price of Vulkan classic thigh support on the market is £14.95. 

3. LP Elasticated Thigh Support 

This thigh support system was developed to provide optimal protection for an injured or weak thigh by using elastic materials to compress the injured area. Surgical elastic used on the thigh support provides an even compression while working to relieve and stabilize the affected area.


Pros and Cons of LP Elasticated Thigh Support 




To get an LP elasticated thigh support, you’ll need to pay £11.99.

4. LP Neoprene Compression Thigh Support 

It’s made with the highest quality of neoprene covered with nylon on either side for maximum comfort. LP neoprene compression thigh support will retain heat on your thigh to obtain a therapeutic feeling, plus increase blood circulation in the injured area for quick recovery.


Pros and Cons of LP Neoprene Compression Thigh




LP neoprene compression thigh support is affordable. You’ll only need about £15.90 to get it.

5. Rehband Basic Thigh Support

It’s an all-around hamstring support designed by combining neoprene and polyamide, utilizing heat compressed in the affected area to increase blood flow for pain relief. Moreover, the hamstring support is super flexible and encourages wearers to use it while exercising to experience their preventative capabilities against injury.


Pros and Cons of Rehband Basic Thigh Support 




This Rehband basic thigh support goes for £19.81.

Why Use Hamstring Support?

Hamstring muscles work hard during stretching and working out. Therefore, they are often susceptible to hamstring strain or sprain. These injuries are usually painful, and the only way to recover from them is a pack of ice plus gentle resistance workouts.

Hamstring support comes in handy during such a time. It helps provide heat retention, compression, and support. Moreover, hamstring support can prevent injuries by retaining muscle warmth.

Types of Hamstring Support 

There are three types of hamstring support designed to retain heat and give support to various kinds of muscle tears in the thigh area. They include:

Compression Sleeves for Hamstring Strain

The compression sleeves are designed to provide optimal support that your thigh muscle needs without slipping or readjustment during exercise. It comes with a non-slip strap, hook, and loop strap to give you the compression and fit support you require. Additionally, it helps provide oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your quadriceps and hamstring, which helps improve performance.

Hamstrings Braces

These types provide target compression on the muscles. They support the hamstring and quadriceps muscles while helping in the recovery of strains and pulls. However, you’ll need to secure it in place with a dual fastener that allows you to adjust the support system to avoid slipping and riding, giving you the much-needed freedom of movement for any activity.

Thigh and Groin Support 

They’re suitable for hip pain relief, as the groin brace provides relief from aches, muscle stiffness, and sciatica. It supports the adductor and tendon muscles around the groin, quadriceps, and hamstring area. Moreover, it’s able to retain heat, improving overall mobility.

How to Choose Hamstring Support 

It’s important to consider various factors while choosing suitable hamstring support for your needs. Different hamstring support offers multiple features and sizes. Knowing your thigh muscles before jumping into the market to buy thigh support is essential.

First, you’ll measure the circumstances of your mid-thigh to get the correct item according to your size. If you’re between sizes, always settle for the larger size hamstring support. Afterwards, you’ll go ahead and look at the features of the hamstring support. 

The golden rule to getting proper thigh support is that it should be able to have a firm grip, with no slipping and riding, after using it for some time. It should be able to retain heat in the affected area, increasing blood flow to quicken the recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Support My Hamstrings?

The best way to prevent injury to your hamstrings is by warming up and stretching prior to ay workout or sports. You may also benefit from wearing a compression wrap before and after a workout session- go for hamstring support that can contour the thigh and retain heat to promote circulation and help prevent injury.

Are there Braces for Torn Hamstrings?

Even though hamstring injuries can heal on their own, there are ways to fasten up the process of recovery. One good way of doing so is wearing braces. Braces will help keep the area stable during recovery. You can find various types of hamstring braces on the market.

Can Compression Sleeves Help Hamstring?

Wearing compression sleeves can assist reduce soreness and inflammation and help with blood circulation.