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This Elbow Support Buying Guide Will Help You Choose Which Of The Top 5 Products Is Best For Your Condition.

5 Best Elbow Support Braces

Ultimate Performance Tennis Elbow Strap

tennis elbow support

Summary: The Ultimate Performance Tennis Elbow Support helps to provide targeted compression helping relieve symptoms of tennis elbow during sport. The bilateral support has a compression tube that applies pressure elbow tendons and muscles to provide gentle relief.

Use: Best for tennis elbow or golfers elbow.

Design: Made from neoprene. Adjustable strap.

Sizing: One size fits most.

Price: £14.85

Nike Pro Elbow Sleeve

nike elbow support

Summary: Provides protection to your elbows whilst not preventing movement. Made from durable material to provide cushioning support in contact sports.

Use: Best for protective support in sports such as hockey or basketball.

Design: Made from 100% Polyester. Comes in black only. Machine washable.

Sizing: 4 sizes available. S, M, L, XL.

Price: £15

Gymshark Elbow Supports

gymshark elbow supports

Summary: Gymshark elbow supports provide a compression fit to support your elbows with lifting. Helps to give you the confidence you need when working out.

Use: Best to support with weightlifting and push exercises to help provide extra joint stability.

Design: 5mm thick. Made from 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon. Hand wash only.

Sizing: 4 sizes. S, M, L, XL

Price: £20 pair

Neo G Elbow Support

neo g elbow support sleeve

Summary: This support from Neo G provides a high level of support to the elbow joint with the adjustable strap. This support is registered as a medical grade device, and can be used with an additional holt and cold therapy disc.

Use: Best used for conditions such as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow as it reduced excessive elbow movement. Can also be used for repetitive strain injuries and to aid recovery from sports injuries.

Design: Made from soft neoprene material which provides therapeutic heat therapy to aid recovery by improving circulation.

Sizing: Fits left or right. One size fits all.

Price: £18

Neo G Airflow Elbow Support

neo g elbow support sleeve

The unisex Neo G Airflow Elbow Support can be used on both elbows and provides a comfortable and secure fit helping to warm your muscles and promote circulation. Slim and lightweight elbow compression support which helps relieve symptoms of strains and sprain.

Summary: Slim and light, this high quality elbow support sleeve is registered as a class 1 medical device and has been approved by the chartered society of physiotherapy.

Use: Specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during everyday and intense activities. Can be used for everyday support.

Design: Manufactured using elastane and polyamide. Helps elbow strains, sprains and instability. This compression sleeve supports weak, injured or arthritic elbows during sport and everyday activities.

Sizing: Snug and flexible. The support fits your left or right elbow, and is available in 4 unisex sizes for the best fit (S, M, L, XL).

Price: £14.50

What is an Elbow Support?

An elbow support or elbow brace is an item especially developed to help rehabilitation from injuries, pains, and strains. Aside from this, it also helps reduce pain and provides support for your elbow. If you are susceptible to elbow injuries, a support can also work as a preventative measure. 

Typically, elbow supports are a sleeve of flexible material that slides over your hand, up to your arm, and cover your elbow, plus a little part of your upper and lower arms. This material sleeve provides compression, helps reduce swelling, but also still allows for full elbow movement.

What are the Different Types of Elbow Support?

Elbow Sleeve

An elbow sleeve is the most common type of elbow support. This is a single piece of material formed into a sleeve shape. The material is typically flexible and elasticated so that it can stretch to fit the size of your arm while still offering compression. 

An elbow sleeve usually doesn’t have any type of straps, Velcro, or clasps. It is simply held in place over your elbow by the compression of the material. Elbow sleeves allow for excellent mobility but also provide great support for the entire elbow joint.

elbow support sleeve
Elbow support sleeve

Elbow Strap

An elbow strap is usually a smaller type of sleeve that has a large adjustable strap. These supports typically sit below your elbow; on your forearm. The sleeve simply slides over your hand and up your arm, to rest below your elbow.

You can then tighten or loosen the strap as required. Elbow straps have the benefit of being adjustable – this means you can tailor the support as your healing process progresses.

elbow strap
Elbow Strap

Epicondylitis Clasp

This is a type of specialist elbow support specifically designed to help recovery from tennis elbow and golfers elbow. It is a small plastic clasp that fits around your arm. This is secured in place via a strap and a pressure point that sits on your muscle – just below where you feel pain.

These supports are much more targeted and give precise support only in the area that you need it. The downside is that they can be tricky to fit properly and are usually more expensive than standard elbow sleeves.

tennis elbow strap
Epicondylitis Clasp for Tennis Elbow

Elbow Support FAQs

Do elbow supports work?

Yes! Although they are not the only thing that will help rehabilitation. Elbow supports can help recovery from common elbow injuries like tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. They can also help prevent further injury if you are playing sports or regularly lifting items for example. Most doctors and physiotherapists will recommend wearing an elbow support if you have a condition such as tennis elbow.

When should I wear my elbow support?

An elbow support should not be worn all the time. This can cause over-compression and can also prohibit the healing process. Instead, you should mainly wear your elbow support when you are doing an activity that aggravates the injury. Once you have finished the activity, take the elbow support off again.

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a medical condition that causes pain on the outside of the elbow. It is known as such because it is a common injury/strain that tennis player’s get due to the consistent motion of swinging a racket. The NHS states that approximately 1-3% of the UK population is affected by tennis elbow each year.

What is golfers elbow?

Golfers elbow is a medical condition also known as medial epicondylitis. It is a pain that is caused by tendon damage. The main characteristic of golfer’s elbow is a pain from the inside of the elbow to the medial side of your wrist. Golfer’s elbow can be a result of many activities involving the excessive use of force and bending of the wrist.

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